Sunday, July 29, 2012

Party in Nett

     Boy, can these kids dance !!!!!!
     The Nett branch had a party on Friday night and we went.  We brought brownies, coconut bars, cookies, banana bread and they made soup and brought coconuts, banana's, and the most amazing fruit salad made up of fresh off the tree Mangoes, Papaya, Pineapple, and Banana's.
    We had a stick pull contest, and that was great to watch as each man tried to out do the other one in strength, but in the end NO ONE could beat Elder Gasu, he is one strong Samoan.
    Then everyone from newborn to old folks danced for a present.  Kammie, they loved the stuff you sent. So each    child or person would have to do a dance to get a gift. Man, all of these kids were amazing, even the 2 year olds.
  It was great fun and a great branch activitie to help the branch members bond.
Lily Ann and Sis. LeFevre

Opening Presents

The Ladies Dance

Even the dogs were invited

Glow Braclets for everyone, they were a hit.

Everyone loved their braclets

3 beartiful girls, Liliannd, Jayna, & Michelle

What a great tie clip

Let there be light

Stick Pull

Elder Gasu & Sam

 Elder Vance against Elder Gasu,
   All had fun.

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  1. What a great party! Please let us know if we can ever send you anything for any of your shindigs because we would love to help out. Thanks for posting a few pictures of Josh (great son, but we're still working with him on actually getting a single picture out of him).