Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A night with the Elders

       Monday night we had the opportunity of going out to visit some families with Elder Gasu and Elder Vance. What a great experience.  It started out a little shaky, our first appt. was not home, so we headed back and found 2 young men to teach. Elder Gasu and Elder Vance started with the Restoration and the Spirit joined in. Elder Vance gave some of the lesson and bore his testimony, all in Pohnpein, Mom and Dad Vance, you can be proud.  You see Elder Vance has only been here for not quit 2 months, so to be able to speak the language in that short of time, is wonderful. The Lord Helps us a lot with the language. Elder Gasu and Elder Vance gave a great lesson and then we joined in also. Both young men listened, just as we were finishing, one of their mothers came and they had to leave.
      Next we went to visit the mother and father of 3 recently baptized members, they have hesitated at joining the church, but we were able to have them tell us what was holding them back. We learned some things that we need to help them with. Once more the spirit was so strong and at the end of the lesson, the Father said he was going to talk to his family about him joining the church. That is a big step out here, because the traditions say that the oldest member of the family has to give permission for just about everything. His oldest brother is the oldest member of his family that is still alive, so we will see what happens next week.
     To get to there house we had to take quit a walk through the jungle, in the dark, we only had 2 small flashlights to  share between us and we had to walk through a stream, jump across to crossings of the stream and mud and muck up to our ankles. I only lost my shoe once because it got stuck in the mud. But I was so grateful for Elder Vance and Elder Gasu, I slipped once and almost went down, but Elder Vance caught me from the back and Elder Gasu reached out and grabbed my hands from the front. They took such good care of both of us "old" missionaries. By the time we got home, we had to soak our clothes in soap overnight to get all the mud out, and we clogged the drain in the tub, because of all the mud on our feet and legs, and that was after we rinsed off out side.
     But, still , it was a great night, I love going out with the Elders and Sisters, we learn so much each time as we watch the amazing missionaries they are.

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  1. The Elders and Sisters are lucky to have such a great couple like you two assisting them in the Lord's vineyard (or jungle depending on your perspective)!