Sunday, July 22, 2012


Let me tell you about an amazing women here on Pohnpei. Her name is Janice Smith. She is an American and   a lawyer. She works for the state of Pohnpei with the Judges.  She is AMAZING.
     She is always helping and serving others. She works in the young women in one of our branches and the young women love her. She just got back from Girls Camp. It was held on an outer island, so to get there they had to take a boat.  She was there with 26 young women from the branch. It is our biggest group of young women on the island. She taught camp songs, taught certification, slept in a tent, which ended up being a floating tent when the tide came in. She is a real trooper, because camping out here is not like any kind of camping you would ever do back in Utah.  Rough camp is exactly that, ROUGH.
      Her faith is amazing, her testimony inspiring, and her love for everyone is the best thing about her.
      Recently, I have been having some skin problems,  weird rashes, so because her mother works for a dermatologist back home, she took some pictures of the sores on my arms and hands and sent them off to her mother, who showed them to the Dr. she works with and they sent me some samples of medicine, that hopefully will clear it up. It itches like crazy and the medicine is helping. So I also have to say what a great Mom she has too and Dr. her mom works for.  Thank You from Sis. LeFevre on Pohnpei.
      Now, I don't know to many people who would be so concerned about a Sr. Missionary that they have only known for 7 months, as to go the extra mile to help see if they could find a cure for a rash.
     Not just that, Janice has battled strep throat almost from the 1st day she arrived on the Island, she had to have her appendix out here (not something  I would recommend), and she has had several other health issues. Yet she never complains, she always is looking out for others, and she is always happy.
   She is a great example for all of us here. And for all you guys out there from our old singles ward, She is still single ( sorry Janice,  I couldn't help myself) and quite a catch, I think.
     If I can get her to stay still long enough while I have a camera, I will get a picture of her and you can see what a beautiful lady she is, both inside and out.
     We love you Janice, don't know what we will do when you go home.

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