Tuesday, July 3, 2012

In Memory

  Yesterday we lost a dear friend, one of our young men from the South Jordan ward, died yesterday. Both Elder LeFevre and I have had a struggle with it. James was only 38 years old and leaves behind an amazing wife, Melissa and 4 beautiful daughters.
     It is hard to realize that he is gone. When Elder LeFevre was the young men's president, James was one of the Priest.  He was at our house, it seemed, almost everyday. Sometimes just to drop in and have a donut which he knew would always be in the freezer and many times, just to talk.
    We even went on a double date with him and Melissa, we watched him leave for the mission field and return with honor, we were at the Temple when he and Melissa were married. They brought there new little daughter over to show us not long after she was born.
    Our hearts are aching for Melissa and the girls, James adored his family.
     This is one of those times when it is hard to be half-way around the world and not be there to help and comfort. Somehow a note and an e-mail message just does not seem adequate.
    I am grateful for the testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ I have. I am grateful I know that we will see James again and it will be a happy reunion.
   Our prayers are with Melissa and the girls, we love you and send that love from half-way around the world.
James Fackrell
2-7-1975  -  7-1-2012
  The Lord lives, we will all see each other again. Of that I have a sure testimony.

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