Thursday, July 5, 2012

Changes for our Zone

More changes for the Pohnpei Zone,  transfers were this week and we are loosing 2 Elders.  Elder Loveless is going to Saipan and Elder Dalmer is going to Guam.  They are both wonderful Elders and have done great work here on Pohnpei, we will miss them.
   We are getting Elder Carlson back for 6 weeks, then he will go home, and we are getting a new Elder, his name is Elder Cook, he is stuck in Salt Lake right now waiting for his passport, as soon as he gets it he will come.
Our Elders, from left to right,  Elder Eyre, Elder Madill, Elder Vance, Elder Stewart, Elder Haas, Elder Pierson
Elder Gasu, Elder Bunn, Elder Cole, Elder Loveless ( laying across everyone) and Elder Dalmer (in the middle on the floor)

Sister LeFevre, Sister Varea, Sister Salaiau, Sister Varea, Sister Kennach

    Some pictures from our district meeting.

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