Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dedicated to my DAD

       This one is for you Dad,  we are on the Island of Guam for a week for Couples Conference, and we actually had almost a full day today to drive around the Island and Site see. So we tried to take pictures of all the things my Dad would remember from when he was on Guam with the military over 60 years ago.   
         So Dad, sit back, put up your feet and take a trip back in time, down memory lane, I hope we got pictures of some things you would remember.  
The Navel Base, it is still in the same place as it was when you were there

The War Memorial Museum

Two Lovers Point

Some of the beautiful scenery on Guam

A Tiny sample of the beautiful Flora on Guam

Just one of the many cemetery's on Guam

Bear  Rock

Umatac Bridge

Yes, there are still water buffalo on the Island

Magellan Monument, where Capt. Magellan landed

Whats left of Fort Soledad

Cannons at Fort Soledad

View from Fort Soledad

Cemetary at Fort Soledad

Bridge at Inarajen Natural Pool

Two Lovers Point

Dad, I see why you loved Guam so much, I love it too, almost as much as I love Pohnpei,
Maybe because I know you walked these beaches many years ago.
I Love You Dad, I Love you Mom
Sorry, I couldn't get more pictures, hope you enjoyed this.

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