Monday, July 23, 2012

Faith, the Israelites and me

     We had an experience that reminded us of an Old Testament Story,  It is found in Joshua 3, pay special attention to verses 13 & 15. Now you all remember about Joshua, he was the prophet following Moses. Well he had a little problem with the children of Israel not believing he had the same power as Moses, so the Lord gave him a little hand.  They had to cross the river Jordan, so the Lord told Joshua to have the holders of the Ark of the Covenant, go first and the Lord would part the Jordan, just as He had the Red Sea for Moses.  Here is where it gets interesting,  The Lord wanted a show of Faith from the children of Israel, so His instructions to Joshua were that they had to walk out into the River before He would part the waters.  They had to show they had the Faith that the Lord would do what He said, through Joshua, before the miracle happened. Once their feet were wet up to their ankles, the Lord parted the waters and they walked through on dry ground.
       This morning Elder LeFevre and I went for our 3.20 mile walk, as usual. We were at the half-way point when it started to pour rain. So we ran to the Airport and waited there until the rain stopped. Well, the rain did not stop like it usually does. It just kept raining. So I said a little prayer and told Heavenly Father that we really needed to get home, because we had a lot to get done today. I ask Him to please calm the rain enough so we could walk home safely ( sometimes when it rains hard it is really slippery to walk ), or if it really needed to rain, to please send a good Samaritan to give us a ride home. I said Amen and waited. It kept raining hard and no one came. So after another 15 minutes we decided we were suppose to just walk in the rain as fast as we could. We stepped out in the rain and had not walked 100 yards and the rain stopped. There were clouds all around us and we could see the rain ahead of us, but the whole way home it did not rain where we were. As we walked, I said a silent prayer of Thanks and felt the spirit whisper to me, Well sometimes you just have to get your feet wet, like the Israelites, before I will bless you. WOW, was I humbled.
    How many times do we pray for help, and then just sit back and expect the Lord to do everything. There is a saying that says " Pray as if it all depends on the Lord and work as if it all depends on You". We have to do our part, if we expect the Lord to bless us with the help we need. We have to show that we have Faith, by taking that step into the Jordan, out in the pouring rain, or even into the darkness. Then when we show we have the Faith, the Lord helps us. Miracles don't come until AFTER the trial of our Faith.
    Now maybe to you this was not a miracle, but anyone who has ever seen the pouring rain out here, knows that usually it does not just stop and around one little area. I know the Lord answered my prayers this morning and I am grateful. I will not wait so long next time I ask for help to show I have the Faith that The Lord will answer my prayers.

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