Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Couples Conference

     I love couples conference !!!!!!!  
     There is great strength in gathering all the Senior Couples in the mission to Guam for a conference. As we met today for our first day of conference, the sweet spirit of the Holy Ghost was so strong, as we look around and get to know, a little better, our fellow Sr. Missionaries, we feel of the strength they bring to the mission. Each one is unique and has brought amazing gifts and experience with them that is just right for the Island and area they are assigned to.
      We listened to Pres. and Sis. Mecham today, and as always they bring the spirit and perspective to what we have all been called to do out here.  There is no question that they have been called of God to lead us in this gathering in the Isles of the Sea. As they both talked to us, we felt that we could do this. Beleive me, there are days when I wonder if I can do what the Lord sent us out here to do, sometimes it is hard to keep working, when you feel like you are not doing any good.  But when I listen to Pres. and Sis. Mecham teach us, I know I can do this.
       We love this, we love our beautiful Island of Pohnpei, we love our people and we love the wonderful missionaries we have the privilege of working with. They are all amazing, and I am humbled to be counted one of this great  group of servants.

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