Saturday, June 30, 2012


     I finally got to do something I have wanted to do since we got to Pohnpei, ride in the back of one of the Jungle Trucks ( as I call them)
     After a great week, I needed to feel the wind blow through my hair, so I caught a ride home from church in Sam's truck, along with a lot of the Nett branch.
     Let me tell you about Sam Bailey,  he is an american who is working here for the courts. Truth be told he is kind of a 'big wig' with the courts, although Sam would never say that.
   Sam has the greatest heart I have ever seen,  he is the branch clerk in the Nett branch, every week, and a lot of days during the week, he is always helping someone from the branch, from taking them to the Dr. to taking the whole branch to the Baptisms in the back of his truck, to being on hand when ever anyone needs a blessing, night or day, to bringing home fresh Tangerines from Kosrae for the missionaries.  And it doesn't stop there,  he helps everyone on the Island, every one knows and loves Sam, because he is a good man.  ( all you single girls out there, He is still single) ( Sorry, Sam, I couldn't resist).
    Every sunday morning Sam gets up early and goes and picks up the members of the Nett branch that live a long ways from the church, he makes several trips each week, because they don't have cars or can't afford the gas. He never ask for gas money, he just does it, because that is Sam. Someday Sam will go back to the states or somewhere else to work and the Island of Pohnpei will really miss him, The Island will never be the same because of all the good Sam has done.

Best Ride on the Island
     Well today, we went to the Nett branch and on the ride home, I hopped in the back of the truck and rode home with the branch members. It was great, the only drawback, the bugs in my teeth, because I couldn't stop smiling.