Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving, our last

     We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with our wonderful Elders & Sisters today.  We actually were suppose to go home 4 weeks ago, but, we ask for an extension, so we could finish up some things and help with Thanksgiving. We are so Glad we stayed.
      As you eat and enjoy your families around you this Thanksgiving, here are some pictures of your sons and daughters, who we know you are missing right now. They all say  WE LOVE ALL OF YOU,  HAPPY THANKSGIVING FROM POHNPEI.
Elder Peterson & Elder Barrus

Waiting for the food to be blest

the Feast

Yo duhluhl, that is Yummmmmmmy, in Pohnpein

Sis Orrock & Sis Beutler

Elder Rice, fuzzy Elder Holt, Elder Kim, Elder Madill (in background)

Elder Matalolo & Elder Ashcraft

Sis. Orrock & Sis Fatongia

Elder & Sister Olsen, from Guam, their plane was cancelled today,
so we invited them to join us for Thanksgiving.

Sis. Ma'a, Sis Orrock, Elder Tupua

Sis Iowne, Elder Afualo, & Elder Tupua

Elder Nanson, Sis. Havea & Sis Iowne

Elder Gardner & Elder Nanson

Elder Peterson & Elder Leeworthy

Elder Barrus

Elder Kim, Elder Holt, Elder Cook & Elder Barrus

Elder Vause, Elder Bunn, & Elder Kim

Elder Johnson & Elder Bourne

Elder Barrus

Elder Madil, gave it the "Thumbs up", must have been o.k.

Our lovely center pieces, provided by the Sisters

Finger Lickin Good

Elder Lyman & Elder Leeworthy

Someone ate too much, can you guess who?

Our last picture with both Zones, all the missionaries we currently are serving with,
boy do we love these missionaries. 

O.K., who ate the most, can you tell by their stomachs?

Elder Ashcraft, helping with clean up on Broom # 1

Elder Bunn on broom # 2, 

Me, Sis. Komra, Sis. Roberts, Elder Vause

Me & Sis Komra

After that dinner, Elder Johnson needed a big drink of water.

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