Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Miracle for the Kitti Elders

   We went to the Kitti District Mtg this week, what great missionaries we have had the opportunity of working with. We love them all.
     We had a little miracle at the District Mtg.
    Elder Johnson & Elder Rice have been working with a less active lady named Sina for the last month, trying to help her come back and teaching her non-member husband the lessons. they were at a stand still, and did not know what to do to help her anymore. So they fasted and prayed for help.
      Elder Dansie served a mission on Pohnpei about 15 - 20 years ago and taught a lady named Sina. Elder Dansie knows us through some wonderful friends of our, Boyd & Diane Hamilton, they served with us in the Singles ward before we went on our mission. Well Elder Dansie has had Sina on his mind for a couple of weeks, and knew that he needed to write her a letter, so he contacted us to see if we knew her or could find her to deliver the letter.  Elder Dansie wrote the letter and e-mailed it to us, so we printed it off and took it to District Mtg.  There we gave it to Elder Johnson & Elder Rice, would were shocked. I can't remember which one said "It is a miracle, the Lord really answers prayers"  They took the letter to her right after District Mtg. We will check with them on Monday and see if it helped her. We will update, as soon as we know.
   The Lord does answer prayers, you may be the answer to someone's pray, so if you have a prompting to do something, JUST DO IT. you will see miracles.
Our fearless Dist Leader, Elder Hanson

Elder Johnson

Elder Rice & Elder Johnson

Elder Tupua, me, Elder Afualo, & Elder Leeworthy

Accountability with Elder Johnson, Rice & Hanson

Our poor Kitti Church needs a little TLC

Roll Playing

Shoes are always taken off outside

Roll Play with Elder Afualo

Jeanette stopped in to say Hello

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