Saturday, November 23, 2013

Ohwa, our last week

    We have been teaching keyboarding lessons at Ohwa Christian High School.  It all started last spring, when we were able to get some keyboards donated to the school and along with the keyboards, we volunteered our time 1 day a week, to come and teach keyboarding, and general music.  Ohwa not only accepted the keyboards, but also accepted our coming to the campus 1 day a week and teaching, this was quite a feat, as this is the same School that once fired a man, because he was baptized into the Church.
    So we started teaching there last spring, and have kept it up, hoping to have a student ready to take over when we left, just in case there were no Sr. Missionary to come in and take over.
     It has been a great experience for us and for the Church
The cook house at Ohwa, the cook and another worker,
were baptized in the summer. they did not
get fired for it.

The stovetop

Judy, will now be the teacher, instead of the student

, now Ohwa has many "Mormon" students, and has really good feelings toward to church, and they are even hoping for another Sr. Missionary to come again one day, but until then, one of our students, Judy, will take over the class.  We have been able to do this in the 3 branches we continued to teach piano in also. I  wanted to make sure there was at least one student in each class that could take over when we left, so the Island could continue to have music lessons progress, and not have to depend on missionaries to do it. I have been mentoring in the other branches and at Ohwa, and now all the branches I have been working with and Ohwa, have students that not only can teach, but are teaching.  It is good to know that the piano will continue after I am gone.

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