Tuesday, November 19, 2013

FHE at the Ehpel families

           We had FHE at the Ehpel Families home last night. They are the family that really started the Unit in Rohi/Wone.  It started with Peter, the father, after he was baptized then his son, Rockson, then Carly, Peter's wife, Then Lee, Rocksons Wife,  then Steve & Juliet, Then Lee's parents, then Steve & Juliet's son, Then Lee's sister, and this saturday, Elder Lefevre will baptize Lee's other sister, and many more of the family are on Baptismal dates for the end of November and early December.  They are the strength of the Group in Rohi/Wone, in fact the Group is now having more attend there then in the Branch they are under, Kitti. Last Sunday the Group had 40 in attendance, and the Branch only had 29.  they keep this up and they will get a new Church instead of Kitti.
Rockson's Favorite Shirt

Lee preparing dinner in the cookhouse

Fresh mangrove crab

Carly, helping prepare dinner

The Stove and Oven in the cookhouse,
this is how the majority of Pohnpeins cook
their meals

Peter's Garden, we brought him some seeds, and so did some of the Elders,
Everything is growing great, Thank you, to those who
sent seeds from Home.

Their first watermelon

Sis. Chandler, just needed a little workout

The Green beans

Their Home

Waiting for the Elders and everyone else to arrive

The trees down their little lane

Finally, the Elders

We love this amazing family

No Power, so dinner by lantern, at least until the Power came back on.
This is also very Typical of Pohnpein homes, most, especially those out
in the Jungle do not have power.

Fresh coconuts, ready to drink

We all eat together and share common plates, using our fingers for utinsils,
Also common with most families.

Rockson, finally gets the Joke


We all share the food and the wash bowl

Juliette, and her chldren and Lee Sister

The Food is wonderful, we all eat until we are stuffed. the company is
even better

Passing out dessert, Banana Coconut bread ( I made) and German Choclate
Cake( Sis Chandler made). They love the sweets, because they
don't get them very often.

Happy Sis Chandler

Time to wash up after dinner, we all use the same wash bowl, water & Soap

I hope we did not miss anyone

Love, Love , Love this wonderful family

Us, with Steve and Juliette and their children,
The tradition out here is that when you baptize someone
they become your son or daughter. Elder Lefevre Baptized Juliette,
So Kids, meet you new sister!!!!!. You are getting another one on Saturday, and
just in case we didn't tell you, you also have several brothers and more sisters.

Us with Carly, Peter, Rockson, Lee , and their 2 children.
they gave me a beautiful handmade skirt as a gift.

Elder Hanson & Rockson

Elder Leeworthy and Rockson

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