Monday, November 25, 2013

Rohi/Wone & UH Baptisms

    Off to baptisms yesterday, first ones were in Wone, Jennifer & Ratson were baptized.  Jennifer asked Elder LeFevre to baptize her and Ratson had Elder Hanson baptize him. The spirit was so strong. As Jennifer came up out of the water, she started to cry, she was so overwhelmed with the spirit. Later as we closed the service, Ratson broke down also.  They both have been prepared a long time, they just needed someone to teach them.
    Then around the Island to UH, for another baptism.  Elder Kim's first. It was a sweet, beautiful day.

This is the Lords work, and when you are on His errand, He shows you where to go and who is ready.  What a great day.  Miracles happen, we just have to follow where the Lord tells us to go and do the work and then be still and watch the Miracle.
Jennifer, with some of her family and Sis Chandler

What a great color on her!!!

Elder Hanson, Ratson,Jennifer, Elder LeFevre, & Elder Leeworthy

Elder LeFevre showing Jennifer what to do

right after Baptism

Helping Elder LeFevre out of the "Font"
Thank You, Elder Tupua, he is getting kind
of old

Ratson & Elder Hanson

Ratson & Elder Hanson

Right after, that is one happy Ratson

Walking back from the "Font"

Elder Tupua is taking care of Lunch

then on to UH 

Elder Kim's first baptism, he was a little nervous

But he did great

Walking back from UH's "Font"

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