Saturday, November 23, 2013

Joseph Route and family, he accepted Baptism

  We have been working with Joseph Route and his family for the whole 2 years we have been here. We love them, we have gone out regularly for FHE and teaching appts. with them. Joseph is the only member of his family NOT baptized, everyone else is. He is what we would call the eternal investigator.  Well, we went to say goodbye to him and his family as we prepare to leave. The Elders told us to soften him up, because
Joseph,  he is a good man

Some of his children and grandchildren

One of his prize roosters

Us with Joseph

Me with their oldest daughter

The family, or at least part of it

One last oop, Joseph always had Oop and banana's for us when we came

Nohno Route, love this lady
they were going to Invite him to be baptized, again.
  We had a wonderful visit, we love this family and never gave up hope that one day Joseph would be converted.  Well the Elders came after we left and taught him, and then asked him if he would be baptized on Dec. 21, and he said he would be baptized, but he wanted to think about the date.
Hopefully, he will follow through. The elder promised to send us pictures.

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