Monday, November 11, 2013

More Baptisms and some goodbye's

We another baptism this last week, and we have started making the rounds to say goodbye to the people we love so much. I think this is the hardest part, leaving and knowing we may never get back again in this life to see the people we love. So between Institute, young adults, firesides, District business, getting missionaries ready to leave and helping perspective missionaries fill out papers, getting Visa's for missionaries, getting a Temple Trip ready for 36 people, taking care of things for the mission, watching over Elders and Sisters and helping the Chandlers to understand everything they will be taking over, we are visiting the people we love. The work is never done, There is always room for more Sr. Couples in the mission field, and on Pohnpei. We need some good workers, if you know someone considering going on a mission, tell them to request the Micronesia Guam Mission. They will never be sorry, they will love it. Best  thing you can ever do for your life.
Ready for Baptism

The Sokehs Sisters and the family they have been working with
Sis. Ioane & Sis Havea

One of the new investigators, that Sis. Komra & Sis. Roberts
have been working with came to the baptism, in fact 3 of them came,
 but Adalina was the only one that would let us take her picture.
I told her that she had the same name as my Granddaughter
and I thought we should put her picture on the computer
so we could show our granddaughter, Adalina. She consented.

Beautiful Jaceleen, oh how I love this lady. We started teaching
Jaceleen with Elder Pierson & Elder Madill, not long after
we had been on the Island. She had every addiction you
could have, and gave them all up and was baptized. She fell away for
a while, but then came back. She is doing well now, and staying strong.
We have kept in close contact with her while we have been out here, so
we had to go and tell her we were leaving. We took her the special
addition Ensign about Jesus Christ, some pictures of Christ,
article of Faith card and a CD of the music from the
Book of Mormon seminary lessons.
We took her daughter a mini coloring book and markers, she loves to
color and does not have much out here for that. Our sweet Granddaugher, Maggie
sent us one, so we knew Maggie would want Jaceleen's daughter to have it.

We both cried a lot.

We love this family, we pray they will continue to be strong. If the members
will continue to fellowship them they will. Members are key
to successful missionary work and retention.

Jaceleens Home

The coloring book was a hit, Thank You, Maggie

Pres. & Sis Ongesil with their daughter in law and granddaughter, Sydney, their
son was at work.

Sis Ongesil and Me, boy do I love this lady, she is amazing,
She and I have been working on the piano for almost 2 years,
and even though she does not think she is very good,
She is amazing, she will be able to teach others, along with
Ellie in the Palikir Branch.

Pres. Ongesil & Elder LeFevre, we have spent a lot of time with him and
Sis Ongesil and their family, We love them so much, one of their daughters, Irene
is on a mission in Fiji. We have had a chance to meet their whole family and
get to know them. They are one of the strongest families on the whole Island.
Pres. Ongesil is the Branch President of the Palikir Branch

We even have had time to catch some beautiful Sunsets and Sunrises and pictures
of our beautiful Island.

From part way down Jaceleens road, always a beautiful view

It really is a Jungle out there

On to family home evening at Jovania's, using their new
Children s Book of Mormon stories book. Thank You, Pres & Sis Mecham,
They loved it.

We also helped teach this family, it all started with Jovania, and now
all the adults and those that are old enough have been baptized.
Jovania, Wallace, Julia, Puis, Maggie, Chester, Jenjen.
They will carry on a heratige of strong members for this Island, when Wallace is
old enough (another 2 years) he is already planning on going on a mission.
They all go out with the missionaries, and help teach their family
and friends. they are the best member missionaries I have seen.

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