Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Day in the Life........................

     A day in the life of being a Sr. Missionary, the best calling you can ever have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Andy Helgenberger and his wife, Layleen Kalio
Andy is in the Hospital, because he drowned.  He and Denster Kalio
went fishing and Andy dove to deep and speared a large fish,
but he did not have enough air to get to the top. Denster had to pull him up, then
get to the shore and get him to the Hospital (about 2 hours to hospital from ocean to arrival)
We thought we had lost him, but he was revived. He still was in bad shape,
but a Priesthood blessing was given, and by the next day he was doing so well, he was sent home
from the Hospital. Andy and Denster both received the Melchizedek Priesthood at District Conference.
A sweet miracle, he will be here to see his second child born in about a week. 

District Meeting, Awak District
Elders Matalolo, Kim, Holt, &Cook

Great "Pose" Elder Madill
Elders Madill, Ashcraft, & Cook

Gotta love Elder Vause

Elders Hanson, Barrus & Bourne

Elders Hanson, Rice, Johnson & Lymen

Elder Vause, Leeworthy, Bunn & Petersen

Elder Tupua, Sisters Komra, Roberts, Havea & Iowne

Elders Cook, Madill & Ashcraft

Elders Madill & Ashcraft

Elders Matalolo, Kim, Holt, Cook

Then evening Institute at Palikir
Bro Ehpel & Sis Ehpel are the teachers,
they are great

Francis Saimon taking notes

SURPIRSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!,  house inspections, our last
We got a great surprise at the Mand House,
Elder Nanson & Elder Gardner already had Christmas set up
I LOVE Christmas,
just sayin'

Sis Ma'a & Sis. Fatongia, there house was not to bad,
Sapwalap House

Sis Orrock & Sis Beutler were not too happy about the Surprise Inspection,
Meshisou House

Another surprise for us, as we arrive, we was the Police there, the UH
house was broken into last night, so the Police came this morning.
No one was hurt, money stolen and Elder Holts Ipod and speaker.
And there theif was even very clean, still the cleanest house so far, even after being
broken into.
UH House,  Elder Holt & Elder Kim

then the Zone leaders house, AWAK, It was not to bad, but not to good either
Come on Elder Madill, at least pretend you like your companion........................

or was it the Surprise Inspection?  Much better !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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