Monday, August 26, 2013

Zone Baseball, yea, pictures of all your kids, what you have been waiting for

   We had a Zone Activity, Baseball,  it was fun to go and watch all the younger missionaries play baseball today. They had great fun and it was pretty funny to watch sometimes.
  On a personal note, Thank You to all you parents of these amazing missionaries, we have the honor of serving with, Each one, in there own way, has expressed there condolences to me after the death of my mother this week. It was very comforting to have each one at some point come and sit up by us and just sit, I knew it was there way of saying " We are here for you, Sis LeFevre"  We love these sons and daughters of yours.
Thank you for raising such fine sons and daughters.
Sis Roberts, get a load of those pants, you just want to say
Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a pirates life for me, or Hammer Time

Elder Hanson

Elder Barrus, Sadie, Sis Orrocks

Elder Johnson

Sis Ma'a

Elder Holt

Elder Madill, Elder Bunn, & Elder Kim

Elder Leeworthy, Elder Vause, Elder Petersen, Sis Fatongia,
Elder Gardner

Same group, with Sis Beutler

Elder Afualo

Elder Cook

Elder Rice, Elder Hanson, Sis. Orrocks, Christina, Elder Barrus

Elder Bourne, Elder Lyman

Elder Johnson

Elder Gardner & Sis Roberts 

Elder Bourne, Sis Fatongia Sis Orrocks, Sis Roberts, Sadie.
Wait a minute, what is Elder Bourne doing in this picture

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