Monday, August 26, 2013

New Missionary Called and One leaves for her Mission

   Kenio Joel, received his mission call. He is going to the Marshall Islands.
 About 9 months ago, Kenio was ready to receive the Priesthood, had his interview and passed and then got scared. So he hid out for several long months. Kenio had never missed a day of Institute the first semester at C.O.M., National Campus, but we did not see him at all until the last day of class the 2nd Semester. He had gotten scared of the responsibility of the Priesthood, so he needed some time. We visited him at his home, during that time he was away. and then the last day of class, he walked in. After the lesson was over, he came up to us and apologized for running, we had a good talk, and the next morning Kenio showed up at our door, to fill out mission papers.
   I know the Lord had been waiting on Kenio to make up his mind, because when he did, the Lord opened every door WIDE.  We got his Physical and Dental done all in one day. Never had that happen before, the usual was anywhere from 3 to 10 return visits. So when Pres. Mecham came the next week, Kenio had his interview, and was a little nervous again ( really Pres. Mecham is the nicest man, he is not scary at all, well except if you are in trouble, then maybe a little, just kidding), So we waited to mail in his papers until he said he was ready, it took him about 3 weeks, then he came up to us at summer Institute class and said, o.k. I am ready Mail them in. So we did, That was 4 weeks ago, this last week, on Wednesday night we opened his call with Him and his family.
   What's even better is he arrives in Salt Lake to go to the MTC after we are home, so we can go to the airport and meet him and have him stay with us overnight, if he does not have any other family, and then we can take him to the MTC the next morning.
   Kenio will be a great missionary, just ask any of the Elders that have had him work with them over the last several years, since he was baptized.

Kenio, waiting to open his call, he was a little nervous

Pure Joy, as he read where the Lord wanted him to go

Sweet Elder Madill (don't ever tell him I actually called him sweet)
explaining to Kenio's dad all about the mission call
and where he was going and what he would be doing.
Kenio only has one sister that is also a member of the church,
his parents are not, and neither are any of the rest of
his family. 

     Then it was time for Joni Yakana to leave for her mission in the Philippines, off she goes. She will also be a great missionary. In fact, I can't think of one of these great young adults that will not be a great missionary.
Joni Yakana

M J, he will receive his call maybe this week, he and Joni plan
to get married when then both get back. 

and I just couldn't resist, Elder Chandlers new missionary foot attire,
 not sure if it is mission approved, but it was midnight, afterall

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