Thursday, August 8, 2013

More Pictures

Elder & Sister Chandler, Elder Chandler was asked to baptise Gilla

Sekerra Baptism

Nett Baptism

Everyone is happy at a baptism

combined Awal. Uh, Nett Baptisms


Pres. Alex (Uh/Awak branch Pres), & Pres. Malarma ( Nett Branch Pres)

To much to drink

early morning funeral, me and Sis Chandler

part of the Dist Pres. they spoke at the funeral

I am always shocked when I see and Ipad out here

Maggie & me, she gave me her dress, because she wanted me to have something
from her, I tried to talk her out of it, but she said she always wanted
me to remember her, I told her I didn't need a dress to do that, she would always be
in my heart.

All the kids, sons and daughters from my "Sista's from other Mista's"

My Sista's from other Mista's, I love these women, they have changed my life.
me, Jovania, Maggie & Julia
We brought them pictures of Christ for there rooms (they all share the same house), and each received
a Temple Ensign. They have a goal to all go to the Temple. Julia & Puis (Puis is already in the States working), Maggie and her husband ( he is getting ready to get baptized) Jovania(she is planning on moving to the states when Julia goes) So we have been teaching them
and helping them get ready. I hope I can be there with them. They are planning on coming to the States,
Colorado, Where ever they are, we will do our best to be in the Temple with them.

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