Monday, August 19, 2013

More Pictures to catch up

  Time is going by so fast as we approach the end of our 2 year mission. I never have enough time to write everything down, so please forgive that sometimes
Sis Chandler, she is a climber, we took them up to see the guns, and
found some new stuff had been uncovered.

I don't think I will ever forget the beauty of Pohnpei

We love these guys, Elder & Sister Chandler

an old (we think) generator from WW11

Birdseye View


If you don't take care of your forklift, the Jungle will grow right through it

Nayleen Kalio
 Faces of some of the people I love so much.
Juanita & Bernie

Sisters, Layleen & Nayleen

Nayleen likes her picture taken, Nayleen and N J

Jacob & N J

We will never forget Layven Kalio, He leaves in about 1 month
for a mission, He is going to be amazing

Loved this shot,  Elder Tapua & Elder Peterson,  then......................................

They caught us taking their picture and had to wave goodbye

End to another Perfect Day

, you only get pictures, with short explanations, or no explanations ( some pictures don't need words) enjoy.

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