Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sapwalap Youth Conference

    We had the opportunity of helping with a Youth Conference out at the Sapwalap Branch. They did there youth conference around a Tree of Life Theme.  So we got to help with the Hold to the Rod segment.
We blind folded all the kids and had them hold onto the Iron Rod(PVC PIPE) and then we guided them around the church. We had rooms set up with different themes, Elder LeFevre was the "Great and Spacious building",  I was the "River of Filthy water"  the Vincents were another room. Our jobs were to Lear them away from holding the Rod that the Chandlers were leading them around on, we all tried, but they held on tight, until they got to my room. I am ashamed to say  I was the only one that was able to get them to let go and come into my room.  I promised brownies, and gave them one, the problem was the Brownies were really soap, so they found out pretty fast they had listened to the wrong voice. I also had music playing, a little Faith Hill, the Eagles. They love music anyway, but they really loved this music.
    Then when we were all done, one of the leaders came back to get the one's that had "strayed", then we had a fireside and talked about how the ones that let go felt, when they bit into the "Brownies" and found they were soap. and realized they had been tricked.
It was really good, but now I don't think they will ever trust that my brownies are good.
blindfold and hold on

Never let go of the Rod

Great Hat Layven

Elder Chandler

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