Thursday, August 8, 2013

Catching up in Pictures

    Because of sporadic power outages, I am going to try to catch up the blog in pictures, so hold on tight and enjoy the scenery.
One last baptism before Sis Varea goes home

3 great missionaries leaving, the Sisters Varea, what a joy they have
been on our Island and what great missionaries, Elder Gasu,
he left about 8 months ago to serve as one of the A.P.'s. we always
hoped we would get him back before he went home, but
he will finish serving his mission on Guam. Elder Gasu
helped train us when we first arrived in the mission field. 

Beautiful Sunrises, we have had a lot of long, busy days

District Presidency meets with the Speaker of the house for the Pohnpei State government

The Zone changes, Again,
Sis Vave has been reassigned to Guam,

Elder Kruger(center) has also been reassigned to Guam

What a great bunch of missionaries we have the blessing of serving with
and here come the new ones...............................

Elder Kim, originally from South Korea, has lived in Salt lake for the last
couple of years

Elder Matalolo, from American Samoa, his trainer Elder Gardner

Sis Havea, she was serving on Saipan, and has been reassigned to Pohnpei,
her trainer is Sis Ioane
Sis Orrecks, from Salt Lake, she was serving on Guam and was reassigned to Pohnpei,
We actually met her when we were on Guam and were so impressed with her, we
thought she would be great on Pohnpei and Surprise, her she comes 3 weeks later.
Her language trainer, Sis Roberts

Sis. Komra, from Vanatua, her trainer Sis Beutler

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