Friday, August 23, 2013


    I lost my Mom yesterday.  She was killed in a car crash.
   I remember when we left for this mission, my Mom and dad saying, that if anything happened to them while I was gone, that I was not to come home, I was to finish the work that the Lord had called us to do.
I agreed with them that if anything happened I would stay here and serve the Lord.
It was easy to do, when I thought that they would be there when I got home. Now, being half a world away, it is hard to not be there to watch over my Dad and brothers and sisters and my kids.
  Thank you to my brother, Dean, for that Skype call. I am grateful, that the electricity stayed on here just long enough to get in touch with my Father and some of my family. I am grateful that that my Mom was killed instantly, and did not suffer. I am grateful for the love I have felt from others as they have found out and come to comfort and sustain.
    But the thing that I am the most grateful for, is that our loving Heavenly Father provided a way, that I know I will see and hug my Mom again. Heavenly Fathers Plan of Salvation provides that way, Temple blessings and sealings provide that way. I may not be able to say goodbye to my Mom back home, as she is buried, but I know I will say hello to her again, when I leave this life.
   I love my Mom, she was an amazing women, who I am like in so many ways. Thank You, Mom for teaching me to always put the Lord first. I will not fail you now.

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