Friday, August 30, 2013

Nixon & Kona Aldan, baptized at last

    Nixon Aldan has been taking the missionary lessons for 23 years.  He would listen, and then drop the missionaries.  He would listen and then the missionaries would drop him, because he was not progressing. Over the last 23 years, a lot of missionaries have taught Nixon.
     His wife Kona, says that over the years, every time he would be struggling , she would tell him he needed to pray, and so he would, and guess who would show up at there home, within hours usually, you guessed it, the missionaries.
      We met Nixon and Kona, not long after we first got here. We really liked them both right from the start.  Satan has been trying for a long time to stop Nixon and Kona from getting baptized, and he has succeeded for 23 years. Even tonight as we all prepared for the baptism,  the truck that was bringing everyone, broke down.  Then the power went off at the Church. Well, we were all determined to not let Satan win, so the truck was fixed, and even though it was dark, we had lights in the Chapel, as Elder LeFevre and Elder Chandler and a couple of other younger missionaries, went outside, pulled their cars so the lights would shine in the Chapel. and we turned on the car lights to light up the Chapel for the Baptismal Service.
   Then we went into the room where the font was, and all of us turned on our flashlights and shined them into the font. and the baptism went on.
    Now here is another miracle, about 1 month ago we received a box of clothing for missionaries. In the very bottom of the box was a pair of brand new, never been worn before, still had the tags on them, size 42  baptism pants.  Elder LeFevre and I said to each other, who will ever be able to wear these. They are way to big. (most Micronesian are very small people)  Well guess what size pants Nixon needed. You guessed it, size 42. They fit him perfectly.
   We all know who is in charge out here, The Lord.  He knew Nixon was going to need those pants, so he sent them. and a miracle, 23 years in the making, happened tonight on Pohnpei.
Nixon and Kona Aldan were baptized.  
   A special Thank You to all of you missionaries who have helped teach Nixon and Kona over all these years.   All the work you did with the Lord, finally paid off.  Well done thou good and faithful servants
The truck arrives

A very happy Iva, their daughter, she was baptised
several years ago

Waiting for Nixon and Kona to come out for pictures

YES, Nixon, finally in white baptismal clothing

The whole family, all have been baptized except the youngest boy, now
that Mom and Dad are baptized.

Just a very few missinaries who have taught them.

Elder Lyman baptized Kona
Elder Madill baptized Nixon

Let there be light, and there was light in the Chapel

Baptism by flashlight and car lights

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