Monday, August 19, 2013

Blankets for Babies

   A big Thank You to my daughter in laws mom, Cindy Newey and her ward in Ontario California.
 We received 3 large boxes from them full of white shirts and ties, children's toys, and receiving, and regular blankets for babies and small children.
      Many children here go home from the hospital ( if they are born in the hospital) with a towel, or sheet wrapped around them and that is all. So to have blankets, to give these Mom's and their new babies, is such a treat for us and such a blessing for them.
    So we have started handing them out to Mom's and new babies and soon to be Mom's, small children in need, whoever we know has a baby or small child in their home and they have nothing for them. We have also had fun handing out some of the toys to the younger children and not so young children.
  Thank You, Thank You, for all the wonderful humanitarian service that has been sent from so many back home. The pictures don't really show adequately how very needed theses items are and how very grateful these families are that have received so many wonderful gifts from you. From the Missionaries leaving the Island, to some missionaries who have come to serve on the Island and came from very humble circumstances, to Mom's and Dad's , young children, teenagers
David Lazamo family, baby, Nick Bryson Lazamo ,( he is
named after 2 missionaries, Elder Holt and
Elder Ashcraft)

These blankets are the only blankets they have for there 1 1/2 week old baby,
they were using torn up sheets to wrap around him.

As you can see, they live in very humble circumstances

Next on to Julia's house, where several Mom's are living.
Julia and her children and soon to be a new mom herself again,
Jovania and her children, Maggie and her children, and here is
Jen Jen, (Jovania's sister) and her 4 week old daughter

Julia and her kids, loved the toys and the blankets for her
baby that will be born after we go home, in January.(She told me
if it is a girl, she is naming her after me, I am not sure Sis. Lefevre
 is a good name for a baby)

Loved the toys and the blankets

like Christmas in August

, and babies. Even returned missionaries and their families who have hosted Pohnpein missionaries coming to the Provo MTC for a night and  taken them to see Temple Square and other things, put them up for the night and then delivered them to the MTC the next morning. WOW, YOU ARE ALL ANGELS ON EARTH.  All have benefited from the humanitarian gifts you have sent and given. All have benefited from your sacrifices of time, money, talents and homes to sleep in, when far away from home. May the Lord bless all of you for your kind, good hearts and hands and hard work and money to send everything and to take care of everything.
From our standpoint, Thank You, just doesn't seem enough, but it is all we can give you and hope someday as we continue to serve, we can pass it on.
   As we pass out more, we will post more pictures.


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