Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Making of a Missionary, Wilson Rodriguez

      Wilson is one of our young adults, he is from the Nett branch, he has come to Institute at the Pohnpei Campus, without fail, for the whole year. I think he has only missed maybe 2 or 3  classes all year.
     Well Wilson, decided to go on a mission, so we have been helping him get ready to go. The last and final thing had to be done. We knew he was committed

Margarita came to help

and since she braided it, she got to cut it off

She needed a little help from Elder LeFevre

and the final cut

I cried, I love Wilson's hair, it is great hair

Now, for the rest

Wow, I only wish I had that much hair

Wow, what a transformation, 

Isn't he a great looking missionary, we will know in about 4 - 6 weeks where he is going,
watch for the update
 when he let us cut his hair for his picture.
    Wilson will be the very first missionary from the Nett branch, he is starting a legacy for more missionaries from Nett.

  Way to go Wilson

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