Sunday, May 5, 2013

Baptisms, and 2 crazy girls, boy do we love this job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

       We had 2 baptisms on Saturday, in Kitti and UH.  We also had 2 crazy girls spend the day with us, We loved it.
     We headed for the Kitti baptism, and Merleen Saimon and Nayleen Kalio wanted to come along. We told them we were going all the way around the Island, so they wouldn't get home until later. They said, O.K. , it will be fun. So off we went.
    First stop Kitti, we had a miracle here.  It has been raining for several days and the river the baptism was suppose to be in is really dangerous after a lot of rain. Because it will go to flood stage without any warning, no noise to tell you it is coming, no gradual rise of the water.
   Well when we got there it all looked great, we had Jessica's baptism, finished and then stayed at the waters edge and visited for a while. The whole group, lingered. Here is where the miracle came.  As we all headed back to the cars, about a 5 - 10 minute walk. we came up to the top, and were walking across the bridge and the flood hit. Everywhere we had all been standing was completely submerged in water within seconds of us reaching safety, and I am not talking a couple of feet, I am talking over our heads deep. Now the miracle is that the water should have hit sooner with the amounts of rain that we had been getting, but the Lord held back the flood waters, until all the baptismal group was safely on top of the bridge.
The river was the Len Messy, any of you Elders that have served in Kitti, know how dangerous it is.
   The Lord blessed all of us. This is definitely  HIS work.
   Next we road around the Island, stopped and got a shaved Ice for all of us and headed to Sapwalap, for the UH baptism.
   There Justino was baptized. What a sweet moment, a lot of missionaries have worked with him over the years, so it was good to see him finally enter the waters of baptism.

Nayleen, Sis. Lefevre, Merleen,
leaving the airport after seeing Roger off
Nayleen & Merleen
Merleen, Jessica, Nayleen
Merleen in her "Stylin" hat
Nayleen in the Hat
I Love this work and these wonderful people
It was a great day, and having Merleen and Nayleen with us made it even more fun.
Heading back, everywhere you see, was completely covered in probably about 5 - 6 feet
of water, within seconds of us getting on top of the bridge.

getting ready to start

Elder Petersen and Jessica and Pres. Conrad

Just goofin around
Justino and his family and the missionaries that taught him
Elder Bunn, Elder Afualo, Elder Ashcraft, & Elder Madill

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