Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Misc Pictures from a very busy week

     We thought that with a break from Institute for the month of May, before we start our summer Institute Missionary Prep & Temple Prep classes the first week in June,things would slow down a little, so maybe we could get some other things caught up. but life in the mission field never slows down, so we just do our best to keep up.

   Thank Heavens,  because we love being busy, and doing the Lords work. It has given us a little more time to go out with the Elders and Sisters teaching in home, that is our favorite thing, to bear witness to investigators of the truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    We love this job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best Missionaries in the world to work with.............................

and more.....................................

and still more, even some you can't see........................................

Mand Movie night,  for the month of June we have
been going to each of the Branches and having a Movie night.
We have been showing the movie Mary Poppins,
They all love it, this was our night at Mand

Helping out stranded missionaries. Some elders accidentally locked
their keys in the car and the car was still running, so off to the rescue we went,
but the Lord knew ahead of time, because we had been prompted to leave
for an assignment in Sapwalap early, so by the time we got the call
We were only about 30 minutes away, instead of an hour away.

Elder LeFevre borrowed a piece of wire from a man along the way and tired
and tried to get the door unlocked by inserting the wire through the window,
It would not budge, but the Zone leaders finally got there and luckily in the box
of about 20 or 30 keys, they found a spare for the Mand car.
yea to our Zone leaders.

Everyone stopped to watch and help, it was the best entertainment they
had seen for a while.   How Many Elders does it take to open a car?

All the passerby's, even stopped to help and offer suggestions, and even
offered water and food. I think the missionaries even got some contacts out of it,
Always thinking of the work, what great missionaries we have.

Even more of the greatest missionaries in the world

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