Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Merleen & Cynthia, new clothes for their missions, Thank You, Sis. Lyman and Friends

      Today was so much fun, Merleen Saimon (UH Branch) and Cynthia Sieola(Palikir Branch) came over to try on some clothes for their missions.
      Sis. Lyman, Elder Lyman's mom, started collecting clothes many months ago and sent them to us for the sisters that were leaving to serve missions.  We did not know if the clothes would arrive in time, but they got here and the fashion show began.
      My heart was touched as both Merleen and Cynthia giggled like never before. They have never had the opportunity for something like this. Neither one comes from families that have much, so to get clothing, beautiful clothing, to take on their missions was almost more then they could hold in.  Words cannot express the absolute joy on their faces as they tried on clothes and picked out the outfits they loved for their missions.
    Thank You to Sis. Lyman and her family and friends and ward members who made this "dream"come true for two beautiful girls from Pohnpei, soon to be missionaries in Australia and California.
         Enjoy the Fashion Show !!!!!!
Cynthia, just look at that beautiful smile

the smile goes on 

Merleen, she loved trying on all the clothes


2 very happy soon to be missionaries, Thank You, Thank You
They could not believe it was really happening

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  1. Wow, Sister LeFevre! You are awesome in helping the soon-to-be full-time missionaries. They both look beautiful in those clothes:-)