Monday, May 13, 2013

Skyping with missionaries and Pohnpei Missionary Families

      Happy Mothers Day, to all the wonderful mothers who send there sons and daughters half way around the world, to tell people about there Savior.
     Sunday we started 2 days of helping missionary families from the Island and our own missionaries to make Skype calls with there families.
      With 5 new missionaries coming in just days before Mothers day, it was a challenge to get everyone scheduled to call home. But we were able to get it all arranged between the 3 Sr. couples.
     For us our Day started early Sunday Morning. We left early to make the drive to Kitti and attended the branch conference there, then we left and drove around the Island to get to  Sapwalap, so we would be there in time to help Pres. Makaya and Sister Makaya and their family Skype with there son, Jackson, who is serving a mission in San Francisco.
    Words can't express the joy and tears on Sis. Makaya's face when she was able to see Elder Makaya through our computer. They were able to talk for a little over an hour.
     Then Elder Kruger met us at the Sapwalap church, so he could Skype with his mother in New Zealand. This was his first Skype session, he has only been on the Island for about 4 weeks.
    Then we hurried home, so we could get everything set up for Elder Bourne to Skype with his mother, also in New Zealand.
       This morning we got up early, so I could Skype with my mother, to tell her Happy Mothers day, but unfortunately, she was not home, I think she was at Church. As of this entry, I still have not been able to get a hold of her. So Happy Mothers Day, Mom. I will call you tomorrow.
      After that the Elders started arriving early to start a full day of Skype calls.
       I remember what it was like to wait so anxiously for those precious calls on Mothers day and Christmas.   Hope you all had a wonderful Mothers Day. I think all were a little teary, but a good kind of teary.
Elder Kruger

The Makaya family, waiting for the connection

Pres. Makaya

The Whole family talking to Elder Makaya

Our first missionaries, Elder Johnson & Elder Holt
We made breakfast breads and muffins, so all could eat

Elder Holt has a style of his own, notice his feet

A few tears, but happy Elders

The sisters dropped by for breakfast too.
Sister Ma'a & Sister Varea

Sister Fatongia, Sister Vave, Sister Ma"a

Sis. Beutler

Kenio dropped by, to fill out some mission papers, while we were Skyping
Elder Vause, Kenio, Elder Lefevre

Kenio Joel

A game of Uno, while we wait

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