Tuesday, May 21, 2013

One last evening with Sam, and off he goes to his new Job

    Our dear friend Sam Bailey is leaving Pohnpei. He got a job on Guam and so he is leaving to move onward with his life.
    Sam has done so much good for Pohnpei, and especially for the Chruch here and the Nett Branch.
   Nett started out as a "Group" and became a Branch just before we got here. Sam has been there Branch clerk, and really there mentor. He has taught them the Gospel, he has taught them how to function as a branch, He has taught Pres. Malarma how to be a branch President and how to lead the Branch.
   Sam has done so much for everyone on the Island. He will be greatly missed by members and non-members alike.
   So we had one last dinner(take out from Arnolds), sat and looked at the Ocean and talked.
  Then off to the airport the next day and final goodbyes from his Island family.
  There were many tears shed, and lots of hugs given
  Sam we will miss you, but good thing we get to see you in Guam in July.
One last visit on the Poarch

The swing Sam built

The View from Sam's Poarch

A Quit Moment at Check in

Part of the Nett Branch

Sam, Pres Malarma & Sis Malarma

A very sad Pres. Malarma, he has lost a mentor and a best friend

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