Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New Missionary coming and another missionary getting ready to send in Papers

    We have another New Missionary, his name is Elder Leeworthy and he is from Australia. We will be getting another one later this week.
    There will be 3 missionaries out in Rohi Kitti, the new group area. Elder Leeworthy's trainer is Elder Lyman and he was so excited to meet him, that when Elder Lyman put his arm around him to welcome him, Elder Leeworthy picked Elder Lyman right up off the ground. they are going to do great work together, you can just feel it.
    This will be great for the work out there.
Welcome Elder Leeworthy

A bit tired, but glad to be here

Hey, a missionary has to eat.

We also had a busy week
getting Steven Ladore
ready to turn in mission
the dreaded blood draw

Then on to the Dentist and who do we find there?....................

Jeanette Simran, getting her dental work done for her mission papers

Open wide

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