Sunday, May 5, 2013

Here they come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

     Back at October General Conference, Pres. Monson announced the changes in the ages for missionary service. As was announced at April General conference, there has been an outpouring of elders and sisters turning in mission papers.
     We have seen so many on our Island that are having a desire to serve and putting in their papers.
   The the reinforcements have started arriving. Last transfer we opened up 2 new area's, and  Elders Afualo, Nanson, Johnson & Krueger came.
   This transfer history is being made on Pohnpei. Late last night we sent ALL 4 of our Sister missionaries to Guam, ALL 4 will train and bring back 4 new sister missionaries to the Island. In all we will now have 8 younger sister missionaries now serving on Pohnpei. We are also getting another new Elder. We will be opening up at least 2 more areas and possibly 3 with this transfer. Hurrah for Zion, Hurrah for the Lord.
Pres. Malarma, Elder LeFevre, Sister Fatongia, Sis. Varea,
Sis. Varea, Sis. Beutler, Sis. Malarma

The sisters with Ivaloni & Joni

Ivaloni, Sis. Fatongia, Sis. Varea, Sis. Varea, Sis. Beutler, Joni Yakana( she is waiting for her mission call)

Here comes Elder Hanson

Elder Johnson, Elder Rice, Elder Holt, Elder Hanson

Elder Johnson, Elder Holt, Elder LeFevre, Elder Madill

What is Elder Hanson going to do, traveling with all those Sisters?

Sis. Beutler, Sis. Fatongia, Elder Hanson, Sis. Varea, Sis. Varea

Elder Hanson looks a little nervous to be traveling
with all the Sisters.

Our newest trainers, See you all back on Friday.
5 left, 10 will return.

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