Sunday, May 5, 2013

Another missionary leaves

   Roger Paulis left for his mission yesterday, and something really cool, I think, is happening at the MTC in Provo.  Many of the missionaries that have served faithfully here are now serving faithfully at the MTC as translators    Roger's translator will be our former Elder Davis. He sent us an e-mail and said that he would be translating for Roger. What a great thing for these young missionaries. to see a familiar face when they arrive in a foreign land. Not only will Elder Davis be translating for Roger, but Elder Whitehead will be picking him up at the airport and taking care of him on Monday and then will deliver Roger to the MTC.
   Thank You, Thank You  to all our former missionaries who continue to answer the call to serve people from Pohnpei. It is such a relief to them, when we tell them that someone they know will be on the other end of a very long, and for most, first time airplane ride and first time leaving their small Island.
Proud Mama and Roger, he is the very first missionary in the family

Elder LeFevre, Sister LeFevre, Elder Paulis, and Sis. Paulis

The Whole family

Roger looks on at all his family

A final wave and he is gone, Elder Paulis now, not Roger

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