Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Scripture Bowl

      The Seminary Students have been learning "Scripture Mastery" scriptures all year and yesterday we had the Scripture Bowl.  It was great, we have about 70 kids come and the competition began. As clues were given, each student had to locate the scripture in the Bible. as the time wore on the clues got harder and the time shorter to find the scripture, until all were eliminated, except for the 3 winner.
     Afterward we played a great game of "Endure to the End"( a fancy name for Ultimate Dodge Ball). Then Ice cream and brownies were served and all were happy and went home.

The Winners, 1st place Michelle James                   ,
2nd place, Weider Albert
3rd Place,  Ellie Hadley

We also practiced with the Seminary and Institute Choir for
our District Conference that will be this coming Saturday and Sunday.
    It was the end to a long, but great day.

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