Monday, March 25, 2013

Meagan & Irene leave for their missions

     We had a late night, Sunday night, Meagan & Irene, left on the red eye flight for Guam and then on to Salt Lake. It was a tearful night at the airport, as each said goodbye to their families and friends.
     Both were very nervous and excited to finally be on there way to the MTC and then on the Fiji.
   Neither girl has ever gone this far away before and for Meagan it was her first time to leave the Island. I was very grateful she had Irene to help her on her first airplane ride. I am so grateful to Heavenly Father for letting them go together, as they walked through the doors to security, they were holding on to each other. We knew the Lord would watch over them and they would watch over each other.
Check In, Irene, Sis. LeFevre, Meagan

Pres. Ongesel and Irene(his daughter)

Irene and niece, Kirari

Helping Meagan check in

Patch, Irene, AJ, Meagan

Hope the rest of this group go also, they are all great missionaries

Cynthia and Freud, Cynthis is leaving in July for her mission in California

Meagan with Mom and Dad

Filling out customs forms

Irene with Mom & Dad

Irene's sister in law and niece

Scared, but Happy

I loved this picture, they grabbed onto each others hand as they went through the final door.

Finally in Salt Lake, Tired but happy,Thank You, Elder Donakey & Elder Crapo
    Today, Elder Crapo posted a picture of them arriving in Salt Lake after approx. 28 hours of flights and airports. He and Elder Donakey met them at the airport, along with Irene's brother, Mark and his wife.
   Good to see they safely arrived and had a welcoming committee.   We prayed and worried about them, it was like sending my own kids on missions, except, these wonderful missionaries from Pohnpei, will not come home to where we are, It was a little bitter sweet, knowing, we will not be here when they come home.

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