Monday, March 18, 2013

Puis and Julia's Wedding

Being Married

Their Dance

Wedding Cake, feeding each other, a great new tradition out here,
 we introduced it with Elder Cook and Elder Holt

2 Happy missionaries with the family

2 more very happy missionaries witht he family

I can't believe it, we really did it.

Puis & Julia, with there children,
next marriage, THE TEMPLE
     We have been working with the Nett Elders, Elder Cook and Elder Holt for several months with a couple names Puis and Julia, we love them, they would like to get baptized, but they had to get married first, well last night, with a lot of help, and mishaps, they finally got married. It was great.
Puis & Julia

Pres. Alex ( the UH branch Pres.) & Puis & Julia

Julia's Sister and I, she has also been listening to the lessons

even the dog came( maybe he is for dinner later)

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