Thursday, March 28, 2013

Nett, Sekerra, & Sokehs Baptisms

     We had a big night for baptisms, 9 in all. So many, I don't even have the names of all of them, but we got to help teach some of them in Nett's. There were also baptisms in Palikir, but we were not able to get there for them. So here are the pictures. Enjoy
Sam baptized Odekio Malarma,
Odekio has waited a long time

All the Nett baptisms with the people who baptized them

Wallace, Elder Holt,& ( I don't remember his name)

Me, Wallace, Jovania, Elder Holt & Elder Cook

Baptisms from Sokehs

Elder Rice, Bradley & Elder Hanson
Bradley got scared twice and did not come to his baptism,
it was good to finally get him baptized.

Ice Cream after, provided by Sam the Man,
Thank You, Sam

then off to home again

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