Sunday, March 3, 2013

Missionary March - Our Young Adult Firesides

      We are focusing our monthly young adult Firesides on Missionary Service this month.
We are calling March Missionary Work Month.
    We had our first fireside last night at the Kolonia Branch. To Start with we showed a video that has been on YouTube( I know you are all shocked we know what YouTube is), It is the Video of approx. 80 Olympus High graduates opening their mission calls. ( our Elder Ashcraft is featured in one of the clips, opening his mission call, Thank You to his family for sending us the DVD) and then we are showing a video we made of all the missionaries that have received their calls from Pohnpei and the 3 that are from Chuuk, that have been on our island finishing up their Visa's.
      After the video's, we have the young elders and sisters share with our young adults, why they decided to serve a mission, some of the hard things and the rewards. Then Elder Lefevre and I share some of our mission experiences and then we have a question and answer period at the end.
     We had 7 young adults attend last night from Kolonia and after we were done we had 5 of the 7 come up and ask us if we would help them fill out mission papers in the next several months.
      It was a great fireside and we are so grateful that the Lord poured out his spirit upon all of us, our goal is to get as many of these young  adults on missions as possible before we go home next November or December.
     They remind me of the stripling warriors, "They are young and their minds are firm, and they are strictly obedient in whatsoever things the Lord commands" They put their trust in the Lord and their testimonies are strong, They will all be such a great strength to the Lord and this work, in bringing souls unto Christ.
     It is a special blessing for us to be trusted enough by the Lord to be ask to serve this group, here on Pohnpei.
     We Love this work and we love our Young Adults and all the wonderful people here on Pohnpei. May the Lord continue to pour out His spirit upon our little Island and our wonderful missionaries and soon to be missionaries.

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