Monday, March 18, 2013

Owah, Christian High School

      We were able to participate in a humanitarian presentation also. On Monday, Pres. Davis, presented to the Owha Christian High School, 16 keyboards, 16 piano keyboard kits( for teaching piano), about 50 Hymnbooks, a freezer & a teacher to teach the music and choir.
       I am the teacher.
     The church has donated many items to the Owha school before, a boat, so they could catch fish for food for the school, fishing spears and lights to fish at night, fishing gear, sewing machines, so they can learn to sew dresses and skirts, and now keyboards, piano books, choir books( hymnbooks) a teacher to teach (me), and a freezer to help with preservation of the fish they catch.
Owha use to not have any LDS students, and then 1 or 2, but now they have 10 LDS students. We are so grateful to be a part of this. It will help the school a lot and they are wonderful people.
The LDS Students singing to us

the Keyboards and books that were presented

The Freezer that was presented

The Principle of Owha

A.J., one of the LDS Students and one of our Young Adults


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