Monday, March 18, 2013

JR, Maverick & the Hemons Leaving, Castor coming homs

     We have had a very busy week, so I am going to try to catch up everything, lets see how I do.
JR Makaya

All the friends

The Family

JR and Mom and Dad
Maverick and his Parents
    We have had several of our Institute and Seminary Students leave the Island for the States, we will miss them dearly.  JR Makaya went to work in South Carolina. JR has a brother serving a mission in the California San Francisco/Oakland Mission and Maverick Louis and several of his cousins went to St. Louis to work.  They can make more money at minimum wage in the states in a week, then most of their families make in several months. So they will work there and send the money home. The Island will miss them, we hope they stay strong in the Gospel and  don't get lost in the crowd. As soon as they send us their addresses on Facebook, we will send their records to the wards they are in there.

     We also had the Hemon's leave the Island, Pres. Hemon is our District Pres. and he and his family left the Island for a year or so, so that he could go to school. He will be attending BYU Hawaii. 
Sam & Sis Hemon

The Family

We will miss them all !!!

        In the middle of all this, Castor Roate came home from the Philippines. Castro had a heart attack about 3 weeks ago and almost died. they were able to stabilize him here and then he had to fly to the Philippines for heart Surgery. We are glad he is doing well and he and Memory are home
The kids, waiting for Mom and Dad to get off the airplane

Castor, Meagan & I

One happy family, reunited after 2 weeks apart.


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