Monday, March 18, 2013

District Conference with Elder Ringwood

          We had our district conference, and it was wonderful.  Elder Ringwood came and Pres. & Sister Mecham. We got a new District Presidency, The Seminary & Institute Chior sang.
       The spirt was poured out upon our little Island this last weekend. It started on Friday when Elder Ringwood & Pres. & Sis. Mecham arrived and we had a quick Zone Meeting. We all learned new things we could do to be better missionaries and got the boost we all needed.
      Then on Saturday, the mtgs started,  Priesthood Leadership and a womens mtg at 10:00 a.m., then a 1 hour break and an adult session at 1:00. We learned of things we need to do to be better parents, to guide our children, we learned about our individual responsibility in letting the spirit teach us. We learned that we just need to do our best.
    Then the Sunday session, started at 10:00 a.m. We got a new district Presidency with Lensper Kalio and our new District President,  Bro. Hadley as 1st counsilor, and Bro Redes and 2nd counsilor. All shared their testimonies, along with thier wives, then the chior sang and it was as if angels from heaven came and helped , it was beautiful, we sang a song that was speically arranged for us by Dale Jessee, he and his wife live in our basement apartment back home and I ask him if he could please put together a song for our chior with the 2 songs "As Zions Youth" & "Shall the Youth of Zion", he did an amazing job, if you have not heard of him and his music, look him up on Dale Jessee New Age Pianism on the Web, you will love his stuff. After that we were instructed by Pres. Davis (1st councilor in Mission Pres.), Sis. Mecham, Pres. Mecham & Elder Ringwood.
Leeroy Kalio, leading the choir

The New District Presidency with Pres. Mecham, Pres. Davis & Elder Ringwood

Some of the missionaries

Donuts and water, in-between sessions

Sis. Mecham, Pres Mecham & Elder Ringwood

Elder Madill

Elder Ringwood

    The spirit was pour out upon the meetings, and all went home filled

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