Thursday, March 28, 2013

The New Recruits

                Today  the reinforcements arrived.  We recieved 4 new missionaries for our Island. Just in time to get more work done.  We are so happy to have new missionaries. There is so much work to do and the work is going well right now, and so is the opposition. So the Lord sent us more help. We are grateful.
     We will be opening up 2 new area's with this transfer.  Uh will now be divided and Sokehs will now be divided. So we now have 11 areas, 22 young missionaries and still 3 old couples. We are told that by the next transfer, we may get even more and more new area's.

Elder Cook

Elder Ashcraft & Elder Afualo

Elder Holt & Elder Johnson

Elder Gardner & Elder Hanson

Elder Nanson & Elder Afualo

Elder Nanson

Elder Johnson

Elder James

All of our new missionaries and their trainers and Zone leaders
Elder James
Elder Madill
Elder Johnson & Elder Holt
Elder Nanson
Our newest Zone leader, Elder Bourne

Moving to a new apartment

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  1. Hi, Elder & Sister Lefevre:

    We cannot tell you how grateful we are to have your updated blog. We love seeing the happenings and the great progress of the Work there in Pohnpei. Thanks for posting photos too! They are great and we save most of them to help him remember.

    Regards and love,

    The Holt's in Utah