Sunday, September 2, 2012


Elder Gasu against Sis. LeFevre,  I WON
Just trying to catch up all the pictures
Sis. Deweyeye and the kind of hats we can get here.

I love the hats, oh and Sis. Varea and Sis Salaiau

The Primary Children in the Kolonia Branch
Dancing at Culture Night

Oh, and it you don't like the hats, just turn them upside down and they
become bowls.

Elder Lefevre, demonstrating rugging your tummy and
patting your head at the same time.

Yes, colored bread, just like Grandma LeFevre use to make

The Missionary/ Seminary Face-off
Elder Hanson and Esmeralda

Elder Vance and Maverick

Elder Bunn & Jefferson

Elder Pierson & Judy

Elder Davis & Safelyann

Elder Vance & Maverick, again

Elder Cole and  I am not sure, sorry

Sis. Salaiau & Joeson

Sis. Varea & Weider

The other Sis. Varea & Ivolani

Elder Eyre & Jefferson

Elder Madill & Esmerelda

Elder Lyman & Awalt


Sis. Beautler & A.J.

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