Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Day in the life..............................

     We have been so busy with the Institute classes and the Young Adults and the District assignments, we have not had as much time as we would like to go out with our wonderful Elders and Sisters to teach. Well today, we got to spend most of the day with them.
      Our Tuesday Institute class had to be moved to Friday, so we now have 2 Institute classes on Friday and no Institute class on Tuesday. This is great because it has opened up the whole day and night so we can spend it with the Elders and Sisters, traipsing through the Jungle, teaching in homes. Let me share with you our day.
       Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2012

            Left our apartment at 7:00 to do apartment inspections. We do these every 6 weeks, always the week before transfers. So we started in Palikir, then on to Kitti, then Mand, then Sapwalap, and last Uh. Tomorrow we will do Nett, Kolonia, and Sekerra. Now some of the apartments were great, and others, well lets say there is a competition for the "Putty Knife" award. This award is given to the apartment that is so dirty, that you need a putty knife to clean it.  I dare not say which Elders or Sisters, or their parents (especially their mothers) would be horrified.
Sis. LeFevre,Sis. Edwards. Elder Gasu, Elder Hansen
The first time we taught Sis. Edwards
           As soon as we were done with that, we grabbed a quick lunch, went to the docks to check to see if the new cars were here yet, then headed straight out to get Elder Gasu and Elder Davis so we could go teaching with them. We are teaching a lady by the name of Sis. Edwards. This is the second time we have gone to visit her with them. She is amazing, and really loves the gospel. The only reason she is not baptized, is because she has not been able to get to church. She lives a little ways away, and transportation is unavailable for her, so when she goes, she has to walk about 3 -4 miles to get to the church. Hopefully she will have a desire to do that. Transportation is one of the biggest challenges here. No one has cars, they can't afford them and missionaries are not allowed to give rides in the church cars. We had a great lesson with her on the importance of reading her Book of Mormon everyday. The spirit was strong and she said she felt something wonderful as we were talking to her. Elder Gasu and Elder Davis explained to her that this was the Holy Ghost bearing witness to her that what we were teaching her was true. It was great.
        Next, we got to go and get 2 of our young adult sisters, Meagan Jonathan and Merleen Seimen, and take them to the dentist and the doctors for examinations. They are both getting ready to put in mission papers and were scared to go by themselves for these appts, so we took them and went with them.
Elder Vance and Elder Eyre
Our car may be small, but we can still fit
The Elders in

The Lozano Family, with Elder Vance and Elder Eyre

Getting ready for the Picture
        After that, we met up with Elder Vance and Elder Eyre in Nett. We helped them teach an English class and then we went to visit the Lozano family. Elder Vance and Elder Eyre taught a lesson on the Temple. The Lozano family did not know much about the Temple, So we all explained as best we could about the Temple. At times like these I wish I had one of the Ensigns that is all about Temples. Well we all did the best we could and they loved it. The spirit was strong again and they really liked the thought about families being able to be sealed for eternity. Two of there older children are baptized, hopefully, as they ponder on what we taught them about the Temple, Mom and Dad will want to know more and have a desire to be baptized.

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