Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Keyboard for the Kalio Family

         There is a music grant through the Harman Foundation. The purpose is to get keyboards and music lessons to area's that may not get the opportunity other wise.  So back in February, I applied for a grant from them for 16 keyboards. 2 for each branch on the Island. (that was the limit). The Keyboards have to stay in the buildings and we teach the lessons in the buildings.  We got the grant and the keyboards arrived in mid March. So we have been teaching piano lessons in 7 of the 8 branches on the Island. Well part of the grant is that when you find 2 or 3 students who really show progress and understand well the skills. You can apply for a keyboard for them to keep, to have in their homes.  So about 2 months ago I applied for a keyboard for the Kalio family. They have 13 children and 7 of those kids have been taking lessons and are doing really well. We found out last week, that the Kalio family was awarded a Keyboard for their home. So we took it to them. they were thrilled. I also had written to a Music company that I dealt with, before our mission, and had ask them if they ever donated piano books to humanitarian causes. They said yes and had sent me piano books, all kinds.
The Keyboard

Can't wait to open it

Layvon, opening it

Still opening the keyboard

Why do they use so much tape?


Keyboard and books

Now the whole family can learn, even Mom

Walking back out from Kalio's house

Walking back out of the Jungle, before dark,
I hate the Jungle in the dark, Scarrrrrrrrrry!!!!!!!

Picking Coconuts for us to drink, after our hike in

Renster, climbing the tree

   So yesterday, Elder LeFevre and I delivered the keyboard and books to the Kalio family. Enjoy the pictures.


  1. A keyboard to have in your home.....what a wonderful gift. Ella just started taking lessons last week from Janine! It seemed to go well. Mom and daughter just weren't working out like I had hoped. We had our Stake Swap in conjunction with the RS broadcast last night. We added several dresses to the ones we have all ready received to send to you. We love you. Thank you for the posts!

  2. Cool! Do they have electricity to plug in the keyboard??