Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fun with the Elders & Sister's

Elder Davis and Elder Pierson, getting ready for the challenge
The "get the cookie in your mouth without your hands" challenge
Elder Davis won
Elder Cole, dipping the donots

Elder Madill, which one should I eat first?

Elder Lyman & Elder Bunn,  Good Stuff

Elder bunn

Sister Beutler, hey who took the dipping sause/

Sis. Beutler & Sis. Varea,  lean over so you Don't get any on your cloths
 So we have an Institute/ YSA Activity and we are going to do one of our games as "Minute to Win It", so we had to try out one of our challenges on the Elders. If the video does not download, I will put pictures on too. We also took a "sweet" treat to District meeting, a favorite for the missionaries ( I don't care for it , but they all love it)  Donuts and Sweetened Condensed milk to dip them in.

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  1. I'm pretty proud of you for getting a video to work on your blog! Way to go!