Thursday, September 27, 2012

Farewell, for now, to Elder Vance

     Elder Vance is a great missionary  so of course, he got transferred to Guam. We have had the opportunity and blessing of being able to go out and teach with Elder Vance and his companion, Elder Eyre.
Also with Elder Vance and Elder Gasu. In fact it was Elder Vance that saved me from falling in the mud, the first time we went to the Lozano family. I wrote about that on an earlier blog.
Elder Vance getting his farewell Lei, from Sis. Lefevre

Elder Vance and Elder Eyre

Elder Vance and Elder and Sister LeFevre

Elder Vance & Elder & Sister Kjar

Sister LeFevre & Elder Vance

Elder Vance with us, again

Elder Vance, surrounded by all the Sisters on our Island
Sis. LeFevre, Sis. Beautler, Sis. Salaiau, Elder Vance
Sis. Varea, Sis. Varea,  Sis. Kjar, Sis. Vincent

Elder Vance & Elder Gasu

All our young missionaries

All our young missionaries showing their best faces

All the old missionaries and Elder Vance

One last wave, and off he goes to Guam.
    We will all miss Elder Vance, he has been a great missionary here. So for now, goodbye, we will see him in January, when we go to couples conference. Hope he has a burrito for us at Taco Bell on Guam.

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