Saturday, September 22, 2012

Institute/ YSA Opening Social

           We had our opening social for Institute /YSA and we had a blast. We had hoped to get maybe 25 to 30 young adults, but we had over 50 come and 6 non-members, 3 less actives. All because of the great young adults on the island who went out and found their "brothers and sisters" who have been "lost".
         We started of with a game called "Who Am I". Each person had to write 3 things on a card that no one else knew about them. then we randomly pulled the cards out of a bowl and read them and we all had to guess who the person was. It was a great ice breaker and get to know you game. They loved it.
       Next we went to our Minute to Win It game. Elder LeFevre was in charge of this one and we played 8 challenges. We did the cookies on the face game( check out the blog "fun with the Elders and Sisters" for a demo of this one, then we went to stacking cups, and blowing cups off the table with a straw challenge, plus 4 for. All participated and had a blast.
        Our last game was Scripture Pictionary. We divided into 2 teams, Girls against the Boys, and each team was given one set of scriptures and a bag with 5 scripture references in it. They had to read the scripture reference and then draw a picture on the board the would depict the scripture. No words were allowed and no hints. Once the picture was finished, the other team had 3 minutes to tell us which Scripture story it was and the scripture reference. They loved it and WOW, we have some artists out here.
      Then closing prayer and their favorite treat,  Ice Cream and chocolate syrup.  It was great to see the young adults on the Island gather and greet each other. They all know each other, but most rarely see their friend from the other side of the Island, except at these activities. They don't have many cars here and gas is 5.00 a gallon, so even the cars that are available gas is to expensive.
YSA/Institute Opening Social
This is how many we started with,
by the time we got part way through
the first game, all the seats were filled
 and we had to set up more chairs and
make the circle bigger

Franscisca, the "shoe" catcher

Keep the balloons up for 1 minute

the 'cookies challenge

Make a smily face with M & M's and a straw

Stack the cups and pull out the index card

A. J. and his team, planning their strategy on how to get the index
cards out, without toppling the cups

blow the cups off the table, Jessica and Meagan

Scripture Pictionary

How many men does it take to draw a Pictionary Picture?

Do You know what scripture story this is?, Can you find the referrence/

      I am grateful we have been asked to organize the young adults and Institute on the Island, these amazing 18 - 30 years olds have needed this for a long time. They love it and we all come away edified.

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  1. You two are absolutely awesome! The young adults on Pohnpei are so lucky to have you!